CSD7 Series

CSD7 series servo drive have a various power range such as from 100W to 5KW. There are two kinds of servo drive, one is Pulse/Analog type that is operated by Pulse command for position control or Analog command for Velocity/Torque control, the other is Network type that is operated by EtherCAT communication.
The features of CSD7 series have been improved as below. Thanks to this improvement, CSD7 series can be applied to high precision & high speed equipment (Carving machine, CNC, Chip mounter) as well as simple equipment that requires just movement, while CSD7 make faster the setup time of equipment and can lower its maintenance expenses. We hope that your equipment would be upgraded using this advanced CSD7 series.

Provides high performance to maximize productivity of equipment
  • - Advanced Velocity Bandwidth 2KHz
  • - Real-time Resonance filter for Vibration Suppression
  • - Provide System Analysis Tool(Bode Plot)
  • - Provide the high resolution motor with 23bit encoder
  • - Improved Control Accuracy at low speed
Improvement for user convenience to provide a lower TCO
  • - No Gain-Tuning
  • - High-speed & Real-time Motion Control based on EtherCAT network(Standard CoE)
  • - Provide Index Control that can be operated without additional controller(128 points)
  • - Provide 2 I/O input channels for high speed position registration
  • - Provide powerful PC interface(RSWare)
Improvement of various functions and product reliability
  • - Provide capacity of 100W~5kW as 200V Class, 5 product sizes available
  • - Provide STO (Safe Torque Off) as a safety function
  • - 3rd Party Linear Motor can be used
  • - A serial communication such as USB, Modbus is available
  • - Provide Zero Stacking(Small Capacity)
  • - Provide of 2 installation methods, Wall Mount(All Capacity) and Rack Mount(Small
  • Capacity)
  • - Provide international safety standards certification (CE, NRTL/C, KC, RoHS)

CSD5 Series

The CSD5 is a universal, stand-alone servo drive that can be used throughout the factory automation. It is designed to reduce equipment installation time with excellent control performance and simplified gain tuning and network functions. Linear Motor Control Solution and Indexing Functions which CSD5 provides, allow the user to design the equipment without a seperate host controller.

Optimal performance in position control
  • - 3MHz high-speed pulse input
  • - Support all types of pulse input method
  • - Available of System-optimized fine-tuning as 4 gain applied
  • - Improvement of resonant vibration restraining feature by notch filter
Do not need of additional master controller
  • - Provide indexing function of 64 point
  • - Support various and convenient home-return method of 11 modes
  • - More convenient and easy operation is possible via Multi-Drop control of ModBus RTU
  • protocol
  • - Possible for easy operation via one parameter tuning
  • - Provide powerful PC interface, RS Ware
  • - Possible to monitor multiple servo drives with a PC
  • - All I/Os can be user-defined

This model is discontinued, so please contact Customer Center (1588-5298) for
further information.

CSDP Series

CSDP Series

Middle Capacity Servo Drive, CSDP

  • - Compatible with various motor capacities from 1.5kW to 5kW
  • - Stable PWM control using next generation IPM
  • - Equipped with high performance 32-bit DSP (TMS320VC33)
  • - Speed monitoring system to prevent speed ripples during low speed driving
  • - Speed Response Frequency 400Hz
  • - 17-bit Serial Encoder can be used

This model is discontinued, so please contact Customer Center (1588-5298) for
further information.

Servo Motor

High performance AC servo motor

  • - Supports various capacities from 50W to 5kW
  • - Supports 17-bit and 23-bit serial encoders
  • - Provide motor series that compatible with various dedication devices(CSMA, CSMT,
  • - Compatible with special custom made motors
  • - Conforms to fast delivery requests


RSMZ BS Motor Series

RSMZ BS Motor Series

Optical Encoder Motor

  • - Supports various capacities from 50W to 800W
  • - Provide with optical encoder, EM200
  • - Absolute encoder of 22bit high-resolution
  • - Compativle with RSMZ motors
  • - Conforms to fast delivery request