Touch Panel

AnyTouch V9+ Series

Inherit the AnyTouch V8+ and it is the best performance premium Touch Panel which exists and was born through the redesign of the system.
Depend on the changes and trends in the worldwide paradigm, enhanced the connectivity with Network features and Mobiles.
It boasts Massive information output, data transaction, and sophisticated of user GUI which never seen in previous unit.

  • - Powerful Performance (Screen Memory 64M, Backup Memory 800KB)
  • - Network and Security (Support Dual LAN Port, Wireless, VPN functions)
  • - Connectivity with Mobiles (Data share through VNC function
  • - Massive information output (4 times larger screen data output)
  • - User GUI (Beautiful screen transaction and convenience features)
  • - Progress development and operating environment (Enlarge overlap such as Pinch
  • In/Out, Scroll operating)
  • - Simple Data Log and Viewer
  • - Diversification of Touch Sensor (Support of Capacitive Sensing and Analog resistance
  • film)

AnyTouch V8+ Series

Full-color and graphics accelerators of the V8 + series enables realistic 3D representation. The V8 + series comes standard with Ethernet from 15 inches to 12, 10, 8, and 6 inches. It is also divided into standard V8 + series and high-end V8i + series with display video and play audio. It defines the new criteria for touch screen by providing the high quality network solution which networking the production data across the factory plant.

Outstanding features of AnyTouch V8+ Series
  • - Realistic display of photos and illustrations in full color
  • - Support more than 150 PLC Driver such as Ethernet, Internet, and Field network
  • communication, etc. and more than 300 Driver for Temperature controller and Inverter
  • (First in Industry)
  • - 8-way communication
  • - Save various data with Compact Flash(CF) card
  • - Optimal solution from 5.7 inch to 15 inch display with QVGA, VGA, SVGA, VGA resolution
  • - V-SFT Plus, screen editing software that maximizes user convenience
  • - Easy to create high quality animation

AnyTouch W8+ Series

AnyTouch W8+ Series with Precise Control and Convenient Monitoring

Economical Price and High Performance
  • - High resolution display of 65,536 colors without blinks
  • - Display of 30fps video image in 16milion colors
  • - Memory : Flash ROM 10.5MB(2.5MB※) / SRAM 128KB(215KB※)
  • ※ Different Memory Size for W806+ Series
  • - 8 Way Communication
  • - USB 2 Ports (MasterA/SlaveB)
  • - 100Base-TX Ethernet Port (W806iCD+, W807iCD+, W810iCD+)
  • - Support network camera (W806iCD+, W807iCD+, W810iCD+)
  • - 16 grade securities
  • - Ladder diagram read/write on PC through W8+ (USB or Ethernet)
  • - Support 16 languages
  • - Remote Desktop (W806iCD+, W807iCD+, W810iCD+)