The Innovative Reliable & Smart Automation

RS Automation, the specialist in the industrial automation equipment market,
has been providing automation products to OEMs as a world-class company for 30 years and
was established with the new brand name in January 2010.

  1. 01

    Head office and
    sales office
    (Pyeongtaek, Busan)

  2. 02

    Automation Laboratory
    and Manufacturing Center

  3. 03

    Distributors and specialized
    partners of
    about 40 companies

  4. 04

    Over 500 domestic and
    overseas customers

  5. 05

    Global manufacturing /
    engineering services

Service area

RS Automation is committed to deliver the most competitive service to our
local and global customers through our core technology and the business environment we have established.
In addition, we will provide our customers with higher quality products and more
competitive prices to give them a competitive advantage in the demanding manufacturing environments.

  • 컴포넌트 자동화 제어기기

    Component automation
    control device

  • 고객 교육 및 적용 상담

    Customer education and
    application consultation

  • 시스템 엔지니어링 및 프로젝트 관리 지원

    System engineering
    and project management

  • 노후 제품의 수리 및 유지보수 지원

    Maintenance and repair
    of old products

  • 설치, 시운전 및 응용 기술 지원

    Installation, commissioning
    and application technical