C.I (Corporate Identity)

The CI motif is a linked series of circles to form the group, formulating the organic systems in the expanded meaning. The figurative image describes the company growing and earning a name trusted by achieving effective synergy through the integration with the network. The color gray stands for the logical and technical characteristics of industries and the color red for the enthusiastic mind of the members in the organization. "R" and "S", red characters in the CI, are the abbreviations of "Reliable" and "Smart", respectively.

English corporation name


ci ai
Korean corporation name


ci ai

CI Color System

The color of RS Automation is used in various media such as prints, promotional items, signatures, etc. and it plays an important role in image transfer as an important factor. Therefore it should be used and maintain with accurate color, brightness and chroma.

Main Color
  • PANTONE 711C
    CMYK : M 100%, Y 80%
    RGB : R230 G25 B55
  • PANTONE Cool Gray 9C
    CMYK : K 55%
    RGB : R135 G135 B135
Sub Color
  • Slogan
    PANTONE 425C
  • Gold
    PANTONE 873C
  • Silver
    PANTONE 877C